Out of the frame









Out of the frame

One photograph. When staring at a single image, what flickers through my mind is the other possibilities--what ended up outside the frame. Pressing the shutter and taking the photograph is certainly one option. Regardless of the intention--whether it was to record a decisive moment or a boring, ordinary moment in time--unless you chose the path of not documenting the moment, there is no other way but to press the shutter to capture an image. The act of photography, regardless of one's skill level, always involves choosing to frame a certain moment. On the flip side however, doesn't it also simultaneously create numerous un-selected moments and frames? Even with the seemingly unlimited potential to film endless moments courtesy of today's digital devices and smart phones, I am unable to dismiss these thoughts that intensify further. The time I spend looking at the photos seem to double as a time to confront the other possibilities that have spilled over from the chosen option. 

The un-captured alternative option. The other could-have-been-selected frame.  
As I negotiate with the limit created by the frame of the canvas, I treat the photograph as an access point to the other possibilities, adding brush strokes around it. The more I try to be faithful to the photograph, the tangibility of the gaps between photo and body; photography and painting; and record and memory increase. It goes without saying, the field that was drawn is only one possibility out of an infinite number of possibilities. 


Keisuke Shirota